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Leslie Rhyne

As a licensed clinical social worker, licensed massage and bodywork therapist, and experienced yoga instructor, I work from a multidimensional understanding of the union and complexity of all the aspects of ourselves: physical, emotional, mental, and subtle or energetic aspects that make-up how we exist in and experience life. This embodied and somatic approach has and continues to evolve for me through 15+ years of experience, various trainings, as well as a passion, discipline, and commitment to my own healing and personal growth process. Over the years of experience and trainings, I have come to know and understand the value of holding  compassionate awareness and presence to the interplay of physiology- the nervous system, the mind- the stories we tell ourselves, and emotional- the reactions and behavioral tendencies we use. Understanding the interweave of these aspects helps reorganization the parts of ourselves that we may experience as fragmented.

It is my understanding that patterns and strategies: conditioned ways of thinking and being, keep us feeling stuck in our lives and are more encompassing than what we consciously understand, or tell ourselves. Our ways of being, or strategies we have developed, that once helped us navigate life, can get lodged and locked into our minds and bodies. When this happens, we continue to respond to situations and or people in ways we don't really want to, but can't figure out how to do differently. It's in these moments we can start to become compassionately aware of how we get caught by our fear, wounding, and conditioned tendencies. Through compassionate reflection and witnessing of these moments, we can learn to bring presence to our conditioned conditioned tendencies and learn who we at our core underneath. Wisdom comes from a sustained practice of presence, not perfection. 


In addition to discovering the truth of this process through my own work and work with others, research has shown and continues to prove that engaging through an integrated approach is the most effective path to maturity and health. I work to foster a safe and attuned space with clients so they can begin or continue to courageously engage in their self-reflective and personal growth process. We cannot heal alone, and nobody can do our work for us. ​​

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