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Connecting Mind,Body, and Heart

The guiding principle of my work is that we are all, at our core, whole and complete. We all have wisdom, love, compassion, and the capacity to connect and share those qualities with ourselves and those around us. Over time, when things don't workout the way we thought or hoped it would, or our path hasn't been as smooth as we imagined, we often start to believe there is something wrong with us. As we have these experiences again and again, we unconsciously develop specific strategies that help us continue moving through life. The strategies are developed initially as helpful ways of continuing on in the presence of unmet needs, wants, and deep longing. Bringing skilled and compassionate attunement to these relational injuries and profoundly distressing life experiences that get stored in the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of our body, mind, and heart is a process I have come to understand over many years of various trainings and continuous practice.

The nervous system plays a key role in being able to access and build our resiliency or internal felt sense of safety. This internal felt sense of safety acts like a bridge for connecting to our emotional body. Creating a felt sense of safety occurs through the regulation of the nervous system and can be fostered and nurtured through various modalities and techniques depending on each individuals system. Once there is a sense safety we begin to experience a greater window of tolerance or increased nervous system regulation. This means that when situations happen that would have previously been triggering or distressing, we have more capacity or more space to pause and consciously choose a way of being that brings us closer to what we have been looking for. 

Training, Experience, and Modalities that Influence Sessions:

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Somatically Oriented Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Transforming the Experience Based-Brain (TEB)


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Poly-Vagal Theory

Attachment Theory

Yoga Therapy

500+hr experienced Yoga Instructor

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Master level Holy Fire Reiki

Yoga Psychology

Polarity Therapy

Breathwork or Pranayama

**Email: for psychotherapy services. Please book online for all other services**

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