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S.A.F.E EMDR or Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR was developed by Deborah Kennard after many years as an EMDR trainer. It was developed to address some common blocks that many therapists were experiencing when working with clients. The premise of that model is that disturbing or traumatic experiences become stored in a different way than non-disturbing or traumatic experiences.  When something traumatic or disturbing happens it becomes stored in the system with all of the aspects of the original experience. Present moment events trigger that dysfunctionally stored memory and often result in what appears to be an over reaction.  The effectiveness of this model has been verified by numerous research studies in neuroscience.  This type of energy-work therapy helps to regulate emotions by re-wiring and building resiliency with in the nervous system and brain, or mind-body connection, to create more space between stimulus and response. In a very simplistic way this modality helps the past stay in the past, rather than the past continuing to play out as the present.

Now time can be different and better than past time. 

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