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Healing the Wounded Spirt

Bridging the gap between our inner and out worlds

Do you want to work with Leslie but live outside NC? Do you want to work with more flexibility and freedom without the need for a diagnosis ?  Do you want to add a somatic practitioner as additional support for a client you already work with?  Are you interested in expanding your tool box as a therapist by adding somatic and embodiment practices, aspects of the yogic tradition such as breath-work, sound, meditation, or other ancient wisdom traditions to your practice in trauma-informed ways?

Somatic and Integrative Coaching

Somatic and Embodied Guidance:

A journey into you through sensation:

Practitioner will draw from a number of embodied and somatic approaches  to help you orient to and reconnect with places of resource and health with in your system. Through this work we bring awareness to the presence of safety, compassion, and gentleness or the felt sense of: spaciousness, slowness, softness, warmth, and flow. As we organize around the presence of health in the system, our bodies natural re-organize towards health. Together, we will track this process through sensation, emotion, narrative, spiritual experience, and physical posture which will bring you into deeper relationship and appreciation for who you are and all the wisdom you have always embodied.  

Blooming Pink Flower

Restorative Touch:

This approach is hands-on touch guided by intuitive awareness to help clients enter into a more embodied experience. This practice assists clients in releasing stress and pain, while also helping bridge and connect new patterns and pathways to encourage the body's innate capacity for self healing. Touch can be one of the most profound ways to catalyze old wounds and connect to living experiences of safety, nurturance, and ease within the body.  As we feel an internal sense of safety, we no longer unconsciously work so hard through unconscious strategies to keep us safe and have the energy to move towards want our hearts long for. Restorative touch has been created from years of integrated knowledge and training from: Polarity Therapy, Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain (TEB), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing.

Restorative Touch Massage

Sound Healing:

Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments to improve resonance and alignment within the layers of our body. Sound healing helps us learn how to listen to and feel the deep layers inside of us. Through sound, vibration penetrates through the layers of our body retuning each layer that results in a felt sense of greater ease, peace, clarity, and balance. In addition to listening and tracking of sensations, sessions may including vocal toning, movement, or touch. Leslie is also trained in Safe and Sound Protocol as a sound healing tool.

sound healing with Copper Instrument

Consultation for Therapists

Expand your tool box as a therapist and better understand how to add somatic skills and practices, aspects of the yogic tradition such as breath-work, sound, meditation, focus or drishti and other ancient wisdom traditions to your practice in trauma-informed ways? 

Blooming Pink Flower

Original State Healing DBA: Leslie R. Roach, PLLC -

Psychotherapist: Although Leslie’s work as a psychotherapist is informed through various trainings and modalities, see a more comprehensive list here, her primary psychotherapy modalities are Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Internal Family Systems, and S.A.F.E. EMDR

*Please inquire here about working with Leslie in this capacity (Click button to take to contact page for psychotherapy services)

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