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"Wisdom comes from a sustained practice of presence, not perfection."

-Leslie Rhyne


Leslie Rhyme

As a licensed clinical social worker, licensed massage and bodywork therapist, and experienced teacher of yoga, Leslie is uniquely qualified to work from a multidimensional understanding of the union and complexity of all our layers: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. This holistic, intuitive, embodied and somatic approach has and continues to evolve through almost two decades of experience, training, as well as a passion and commitment to her own healing.


From a very young age, Leslie’s sincere desire and curiosity to understand suffering and how the emergence from suffering leads to a deeper well of kindness, wisdom, and generosity has been and continues to be a lifelong journey. Through these years of experience and trainings, Leslie has come to know and understand how to deeply attend and attune to the interplay of these layers:  

the physical: postures we hold and behavioral tendencies we use,

the mind: our conscience-the stories we tell ourselves,

the emotional: our tone, mood, language

the nervous system: the way energy moves through our body the spiritual: belief system


And has been able to create a very integrative approach to embodiment and healing. This blend of ancient wisdom and modern science is a combination of:


The yogic tradition: movement, breath-work, meditation, and sound, 

Bodywork and energy-work: anatomy and physiology of many different systems in the body

Somatic Experiencing, The Poly-Vagal Theory, and Internal Family Systems: provided language, mental construct, and scientific understanding of the connection between the brain and the body

Psychedelic assisted therapy: the power of: experiential learning, the sensation body, and what happens when we can observe ourselves or a situation from a different perspective, or altered state of consciousness


These disciplines and approaches have taught Leslie the skills and value of being able to attune to and track sensation moving in and through the body as a way to both (a)create a living experience of safety in the body and (b)shift and transform challenging emotions and experiences that have not yet been metabolized. Through this intuitive and compassionately attuned work, Leslie hopes to better serve: her family, loved ones, and those in the broader communities with which she lives.

Influences on the work: to name a few

  • Thomas Hubl: integrating mysticism and science; embodied presence

  • Richard Swartz and Susan McConnell: SIFS: Somatic Internal Family Systems - somatic awareness, conscious breathing, radical resonance, mindful movement, and attuned touch

  • Peter Levine: Somatic Experiencing

  • Stephen J. Terrell: Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain, Develop. Trauma integrating Transforming Touch for repairing early ruptures in attachment

  • Pema Chodron: Beloved Buddhist teacher, nun, author, and has devoted her life to inspiring people to awaken

  • Tara Brach: psychologist, author, teacher, and proponent of buddhist meditation

  • Richard Rudd: Teacher, mystic, award winner poet, and founder and author of Gene Keys

  • Kathy Kain: Specializing in Somatic Resiliency and Regulation

  • Janina Fisher: Specializing in Dissociative and Fragmented Parts

  • Deb Dana: Polyvagal Theory Stephen Porges: The PolyVagal Theory and Safe Sound Protocol

  • Carl Jung: Awakening the unconscious

  • Gabor Mate: Attachment and Authenticity: to understand addiction

  • Henri Nouwen: Priest and author who called for both radical forgiveness and disciplined accountability.

  • Diane Poole Heller: Attachment and Relationships

  • Dan Siegel: Interpersonal Neurobiology approach to relationships, mind and brain functioning

  • Pat Ogden: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

  • Brene Brown: On Imperfection, Belonging, Shame

  • MAPS: study of psychedelic-assisted therapy

  • Allison Dennis: Teacher of yoga dedicated to the foundational texts of yoga, language of Sanskrit, chanting and sadhana, Vedic Astrologer, musician and sound healer

  • Dr. Randolf Stone: developer of polarity therapy, doctor of osteopathy, naturopathy and chiropractic

  • Tom Myers: Developer of Anatomy Trains, an anatomical study of the myofascial meridian structure in the physical body

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