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Heart-Centered Presence and Awareness

6-week series for guidance/teaching about how to drop in and access a deep presence and Awareness.

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  • 50 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

We often experience life from the small perspective our ego. Over these 6-weeks I will teach you how to shift into both the observer/witness self perspective and then even deeper into the all encompassing perspective of awareness. There are a few ways to conceptualize this process: • The Russian doll: The small doll is the ego, the second largest doll holds the ego and is bigger that the ego: observer self, witness self, higher self. The biggest doll holds both the ego and the observer, while being neither. • Lineage: daughter, mother, grandmother… they are all separate and apart of each other, hold different perspectives of time and experience, and they all come from the same stuff. • A drop of water, wave and the ocean is another example. One drop of water has its own perspective and experience, many drops of water form a wave, which has its own perspective and experience, many waves make up the entire ocean, which holds and contains all perspectives and experiences. My hope for you in attending this 6-week offering is many folded and full of potential benefit: • Start developing skills and create somatic awareness to be able to access these different layers of awareness that live inside you • Learn how to be WITH the grab of discomfort that arises instead of feeling reactive to it, like it needs to be fixed, changed, or managed in some way. • Learn the felt sense of how to create and stay in a receptive state of being so you can flow with what life has to offer you. • Feel, sense, and know that the peace, joy, safety, love..etc that you are looking for actually lives deep inside of you waiting for you to access it and receive it at anytime, unconditionally EGO OBSERVER AWARENESS: Week 1 (Wednesday, June 7th): Presence and Stillness through the breath AND Awareness and presence of the external environment. Week 2 (*TUESDAY*, June 13th): Awareness and Presence of the physical body. Week 3 (Wednesday, June 21st) : Awareness and Presence of the mental body. Week 4 (Wednesday, June 28th): Awareness and Presence of the emotional body. Week 5 (Wednesday, July 5th): Awareness and Presence of the subtle/energetic body. Week 6 (Wednesday, July 12th): Relationship: the space between these states of presence. *BONUS CLASS* (Wednesday, July 19th): Accessing deep presence and awareness through Yin Yoga. DETAILS: When: Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 7 pm EST: June 7th - July 12th, with a bonus class on July 19th.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact with in 48hr. All late cancellations will be charged.

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