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I’ve worked with many therapists and Leslie is the best I have ever had. I feel so comfortable in her space and also so seen, heard and understood in ways that have allowed me to build internal resilience. I appreciate the way Leslie is able to integrate somatic learning with talk therapy and how she is able to adapt her methods and teachings to fit each session. I will continue to recommend Leslie as a therapist to my friends and feel so lucky to have found her for this time in my life.

-Catherine C, NC

I started working with Leslie about 6 years ago, when I found my anxiety was crippling and affecting my daily functioning and life. I instantly felt comfortable sharing with her, and I feel so fortunate to get to work with and learn from her. Working with her has helped me tremendously through many different stages of life. Through gentle questions and exercises/ideas, she consistently helps me better understand myself, my feelings and my actions to always ultimately be a better version of myself. I love that her unique approach and practice integrates the nervous system and emotional responses and experiences, as this has been and continues to be the key piece of my healing journey. I highly recommend working with her! 

-Kristina L., AZ

I began my work with Leslie after the birth of my son. I had participated in talk therapy for many years, but felt that a more embodied approach to healing would serve me best after the physical shifts of pregnancy and the life-changing, mystical experience of giving birth. I needed to process the changes happening in my life with someone who understands the mind/body connection, and Leslie has been the perfect fit. Leslie has been supportive, encouraging & compassionate all while helping me to dig, push & explore. Her presence is confident, calm & genuine, and the way she guides me is fully responsive to my curiosities & questions. Working with Leslie has helped me to move through a moment of incredible change with grace & self-compassion, and I am very grateful for our work together. 

-Erin Hanehan, Family Yoga Instructor, NC



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