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Original  State  Healing

Restoring the Wounded Spirit

“Presence is the place where the past is being alchemized into the now...Unresolved past is destiny; it repeats until we have the courage to work together to face it.” - Thomas Hubl



Restore, Reconnect, Reclaim

Leslie comes from a multidisciplinary background as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), licensed massage and body work therapist (LMBT 10419) and dedicated student and teacher of yoga for over two decades. Through a gentle, somatic, and transpersonal process, Leslie welcomes each individual with compassion and dignity. She is uniquely qualified to work with you in a variety of ways: psychotherapy, coaching, embodiment and spiritual guidance, as well as energy and sound healing. While the modality of work will differ according to each clients needs and comfort level, Leslie is a gifted practitioner who brings her own embodied presence and intuitive understanding of the mind, body, heart, and soul into a grounded and integrative framework. This approach helps people orient to the health, safety, and goodness already within them as a powerful resource to integrate current or past painful experiences. This process helps people to gain strength and wisdom from the suffering endured and moves them towards being fully present and embodied now. 

4 pathways of working together

Somatically Oriented Psychotherapy:

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Somatic and Integrative Guidance and Coaching:


Therapeutic Intensives:

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Self-Paced Audio Recordings and Workshops:

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Leslie Rhyme

"Wisdom comes from a sustained practice of presence, not perfection." 
-Leslie Rhyne


Leslie is a seasoned practitioner of mind-bodies therapies. She is also an experienced teacher of yoga, and mentor to those wanting to delve deeper in to the healing power of ancient wisdom traditions. She is uniquely qualified to work in a way that weaves together modern psychology, neuroscience, somatics, yoga, and various healing and contemplative practices. Leslie offers this unique blend of knowledge and embodied wisdom in hopes of helping people integrate the challenges they have faced in order to gain greater understanding, peace, and fulfillment. Her commitment integrative work through the mind, body, and heart is rooted in a deep understanding of the complexities and beauty of the human experience. This attuned and embodied approach has and continues to evolve through almost two decades of experience, training, and a passion, discipline, and commitment to her own healing. 



I’ve worked with many therapists and Leslie is the best I have ever had. I feel so comfortable in her space and also so seen, heard and understood in ways that have allowed me to build internal resilience. I appreciate the way Leslie is able to integrate somatic learning with talk therapy and how she is able to adapt her methods and teachings to fit each session. I will continue to recommend Leslie as a therapist to my friends and feel so lucky to have found her for this time in my life.

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