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Healing the Wounded Spirt

Bridging the gap between our inner and outer selves

When our protective parts say about our shadow-selves: "its hurts: hide it, run from it, numb it with addictions, do whatever you can to avoid it.” The heart or higher-self says: "We're strong and wise enough. The hurt is the path: stay, soften, offer warmth, offer presence: listen through your senses because we cannot feel whole if some of us is frozen in the past." That which is stuck in the past shows up as various symptoms in the present. It is a piece of us, our shadow: abandoned, betrayed, rejected parts, asking for help to be integrated into now time. As we engage in this work, we see triggers, pain, and symptoms as places to turn inwards towards ourself and offer attuned presence. We realize that our nervous system is the ecosystem and a relational system. We no longer confuse self-expression for self-improvement but instead soften and receive healing through an integrated approach of: connection, co-regulation, and embodied presence.

New Clients

Original State Healing, LLC -

Holistic and Intuitive Guide: combining modalities of

Somatic and Embodied Guidance:

A journey into you through sensation:

Practitioner will draw from a number of embodied and somatic approaches  to help you connect with the archetypes and character strategies of the collective unconscious , or shadow parts, inside that hold beliefs and somatic organization of adaptive survival strategies. These strategies are set in motion in the formative years of life and often color how we navigate through the world. It is our shadow-selves that unintentionally keep us from living our fullest lives because those parts of us use all our energy orienting to how to keep us safe. Through this work, we will bring a presence of: safety, compassion, and gentlness (SLOW, WARM and SOFT), to those parts so the energy to shift from protection against life to embracing and opening to life.

Blooming Pink Flower

Restorative Touch:

This approach is hands-on touch guided by intuitive awareness to help clients enter into a more embodied experience. This practice assists clients in releasing stress and pain, while also helping bridge and connect new patterns and pathways to encourage the body's innate capacity for self healing. Touch can be one of the most profound ways to catalyze old wounds and connect to living experiences of safety, nurturance, and ease within the body.  As we feel an internal sense of safety, we no longer unconsciously work so hard through unconscious strategies to keep us safe and have the energy to move towards want our hearts long for. Restorative touch has been created from years of integrated knowledge and training from: Polarity Therapy, Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain (TEB), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing.

Restorative Touch Massage

Sound Healing:

Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional well-being. In this guided sound journey, you will travel through the archetypes of the collective unconscious to connect with the beliefs and somatic organization of your adaptive survival strategies. These strategies are set in motion in the formative years of life and often color how we navigate through the world. Through sound vibration penetrates through the multidimensional layers of our body. Through attuned and compassionate presence we create conditions to digest past wounds and bring coherence, harmony, and a restored balance to our inner and outer worlds.

sound healing with Copper Instrument

*For questions about working with Leslie as a holistic healer please inquire here:


Original State Healing DBA: Leslie R. Roach, PLLC -

Psychotherapist: Leslie’s work as a psychotherapist is informed through various trainings and modalities, see a more comprehensive list here, her primary psychotherapy modalities are Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Internal Family Systems, and S.A.F.E. EMDR

*Please inquire here about working with Leslie in this capacity (Click button to take to contact page for psychotherapy services)

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