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Healing the Wounded Spirt

Bridging the gap between our inner and outer selves

When our parts say: "its hurts: hide it, run from it, numb it, do whatever you can to avoid it.” Our heart says: "We're strong and wise enough. The hurt is the path: stay, soften, offer warmth, offer presence: listen through your senses because we cannot feel whole if some of us is frozen in the past." That which is stuck in the past shows up as various symptoms in the present.

New & Existing Clients

Leslie R. Roach, PLLC - 

Our bodies store everything we have ever experienced, making them essential in therapeutic and healing processes. When our bodies are full of painful experiences of the past, it can feel impossible to be engaged, invested, or fully alive in the present. I work well with clients that are seeking a somatic, integrative, and trauma-informed approach. My work with clients is creative, collaborative and designed to help individuals find pathways to embodiment and nervous system regulation in order to embrace all emotion or circumstance with greater ease, intimacy and balance.

My guiding principles are that is that suffering is not in vain and we are entering an era of healing where we must remember that we are not problems to be solved or fixed, but rather mysteries to be tenderly uncovered, nurtured, and explored. I blend many different trauma and neurodivergent informed somatic, embodiment and holistic practices to help clients reconnect with their wholeness and freedom.


As a therapist, bodyworker, and teacher of yoga, I deeply believe in the power of embodying a felt sense safety as an agent of change. Please reach out if this sounds like a good fit for you.

Primary Modalities: 

Somatic Experiencing

Internal Family System & Somatic Internal Family Systems

Transforming the Experienced Based Brain (TEB)

Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Specialty Areas:

Embodiment and Somatic work



Eating Disorders





Life Transition


Office Location:

3326 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd 

Building A, Suite 230, Durham, NC 27707



Initial Assessment $200

Follow-up Sessions $175

Couples session $200

All sessions are 55 mins

All sessions are available in person or online

All sessions are self-pay, Leslie does not take insurance at this time

*For questions about working with Leslie as a somatic and integrative therapist please inquire here:

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